Practical training stories

At some point during our Master’s studies, most of us will do a 3-month-long practical training for an employer of our field. If you don’t yet have a clue where you’d like to work, here are a couple stories from our students about their trainee experiences and a comprehensive list of possible practical training places to give you some inspiration!

Food Services

”My name is Siiri Kuusjärvi. I did my practical training in Tampereen Voimia (nowadays: Pirkanmaan Voimia) which is a company providing food and cleaning services for 35 000 people daily in the Pirkanmaa region. I did my practical training right at the beginning of my master’s studies. I did this because I wanted to know whether to focus my studies even more on food services and public health. And it really was my thing!


In Tampereen Voimia I could do varied tasks with different age groups. I learned how to use various software (for ex. Aromi production management software) and improved my Excel skills a lot. I calculated nutrients in the recipes, planned individual menus for a severely allergic child, participated in food testing, and visited school, day care, and elderly care kitchens. The service development team which I was part of, gave me excellent support throughout my 3-month training.

Voimia joukkue kuva

I found Tampereen Voimia when I searched for food service companies in Finland via Google. I phoned the head of the service development team, and we agreed on an interview – and I got the job! If you are looking for a training company with diverse work assignments and with a possibility to make a significant impact on the municipal level, I recommend you look for food service companies!”

Finfood – Finnish Food Information

”I did my practical training on spring 2019 in Ruokatieto Yhdistys ry – an association that promotes Finnish food culture. Ruokatieto Yhdistys also upholds Produce of Finland label for Finnish packed foods. Produce of Finland label has already been used for 26 years and it has become one of the most valued and recognized label in Finland.


As a trainee for the association’s Produce of Finland marketing director and chief communication officer, my job revolved around Produce of Finland label and its members (around 300 businesses that use the label). My assignments were diverse and varied a lot on a daily basis. I implemented a lot of small tasks that others did not have time for. However, mostly I worked on the bigger projects, such as finding out all the quality systems each member business uses, producing social media content for the social media channels of Produce of Finland, implementing the spring campaign, updating the websites and writing nutrition teaching materials for secondary school students. With this kind of job description, I think it is safe to say I learned a lot of new things every day during my three months traineeship. I also got to use and practice my knowledge on nutrition which, of course, was the most rewarding part of the job.

I enjoyed my work a lot and the best part was my amazing work community. All my fellow workers appreciated my work and treated me as an equal, asking my opinion on things and trusting that I can handle every assignment they give me. I am happy to say, they also offered me a job after the traineeship as their social media content creator (go check it out: Instagram @hyvaasuomesta, Facebook @ruokaaomastamaasta).

I found about this traineeship opportunity on facebook. If you became interested in this kind of practical training, I suggest you to contact either Minna Asunmaa or Anni-Mari Syväniemi and ask about open traineeships. This spring/summer they had two trainees, and I am sure they will employ new trainees also in the future.

– Rilla Tammi”

List of possible practical training places

  • Pääkaupunkiseudun Diabetesyhdistys ry
  • Suomen Sydänliitto
  • University of Helsinki, The Department of Food and Nutrition and Department of Public Health (ravitsemustieteen osasto ja kansanterveystieteen osasto)
  • Different research projects (e.g. Feel4Diabetes, PREVIEW study, FinRavinto 2017 study)
  • UKK Institute
  • Study Assistant
  • National Institute for Health and Welfare (THL)
  • Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry of Finland, Department of Food (Maa- ja metsätalousministeriön ruokaosasto)
  • Ministry of Social Affairs and Health, Department of Welfare and Health promotion (Sosiaali- ja terveysministeriön hyvinvoinnin ja terveyden edistämisen osasto)
  • Ruokatieto Yhdistys ry
  • Gery ry
  • Samfundet Folkhälsan rf
  • PTH-TE-yksikkö Aksila, Etelä-Pohjanmaan sairaanhoitopiiri
  • Academy of Finland, Department of Health Promotion Research (Suomen akatemia, terveyden tutkimuksen yksikkö)
  • Start up company Miils
  • Pirkanmaan Voimia, Palmia etc. food service companies across the country
  • Semper Oy
  • Finnish Food Authority (EVIRA, nykyään Ruokavirasto)
  • Apetit
  • Nestlé

Good luck for your job search!


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