Oikos 72 years (young)!

Past Saturday we celebrated our dear organization’s 72nd birthday properly with a sits party in Viikki! The night started with cocktails and then we proceeded to the table. Food was excellent and of course vegetarian-friendly: cauliflower soup for starter, pesto pasta for main course and brownie for dessert. Meals were accompanied with plenty of drinks, not to leave anyone thirsty! Agronomiliitto’s representative and Oikos member Marita Kettunen also joined the dinner and gave our vice president Siiri the honor of receiving Agronomiliitto’s scholarship, which was well deserved.


We sang, talked and laughed all night long and managed to switch between Finnish and English languages successfully, so that our international participants could also feel welcome. For the dress code, we decided to skip the fancy gowns this time and go for our lovely purple overalls. They were perfect for rocking the dance floor! After hours of sitsing we headed to the Aussie bar in city center to continue the night.

All in all our event organizers did a fantastic job, and this was a much needed cheer up in the middle of November’s darkness.



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