HNFB Hangout Night 5.9.


Autumn semester has officially started and new MSc students of the Human Nutrition and Food-related Behavior program are on the campus! The first event of the year was a relaxed hangout night in B-grundi on a Thursday evening to get to know each other better. Eating pizza and snacks, talking and hanging around… Cozy and easy 🙂 There are some demanding courses ahead, and they’ll definitely go smoother when you know you have nice classmates around. We are really glad that so many people could make it! It’s also great to have all kinds of different nationalities represented in this group. We hope that our international friends soon feel like home in Finland.

If you’re interested in joining Oikos, click the page ”Oikos” in the menu bar and you’ll find instructions for joining. Then you can also join our e-mailing list and Facebook group to get information about our upcoming events! All HNFB students (and students interested in becoming one) are warmly welcome to join our association and give suggestions on events you would like to have in the future. More hang out nights, work life events, outdoor activities… You name it!



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